Chicken Philosophy

After a satisfying meal, great minds sit down, rub their bellies and philosophize. Let's call my mind great for the purpose of this discourse. You may take it for granted that I just pushed some heavy stuff below my belt.

I take the day in retrospect and I readily remember Kayode my poultry farmer friend. He came to my office today and wasted no time in voicing out his desire to breed broilers in my air-conditioned office. He claims the broilers would be so fat their legs would break. He reported that Zartec Agric just built a poultry farm housing 25,000 birds. The whole joint is electronically controlled temperature- wise. They can fix just the right environment for the birds. I bet you know it's not because of the love they have for the feathered creatures- all the care is for the birds' slaughter value. 

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African Time Killers

Fellow time killers,

This is strictly for true Africans.

The concept 'African Time' is amorphous. The truth is that time does not exist in Africa. Well, except in the rythms of the native drums.

Today is a gift and we hate anything that puts a pressure on how we savour it. We can let it trickle through our fingers. We can pour it down the drains. We can even throw it to the winds depending on how we feel. Time is made for the black man, and not the other way round. Accursed be the man who invented the clock.

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